Saturday, July 05, 2014

Camberwell Art Show

We went to the Camby Art Show to see our friend Emma's paintings on display. Two of the three were already sold.

Admiring one of Emma's paintings

Another of Emma's
 There were some very bad paintings in the exhibition. These two reminded me of 1950's swapcards. Keep trading til you get the pair!

Most paintings were very derivative. Early 20th century Paris featured. So did Venice and there were many entrants in the 'gum tree stakes'

We liked this one of Paris but not enough to pay the asking price

We bought this one. Unassuming but well executed.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

First day

First day of the financial year and Hil went back to work after a four-year break.

Guess who is holding the baby?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday celebrations in rainy Ringwood

The gals caught up for a get-together which coincided with Susan's birthday.

Michelle & Emma

Birthday girl and her mum, Anne

Corrie and Lynda

Colleen's speciality cake

Colleen communes with Karly

Susan, Julie and Emma

Group shot plus cat, Lily

Plus Lily and Karly

plus Pearl

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Catchup at Richmond Hill Library

Before I become fully occupied next week I'm packing lots in this week.
Lunch today was with Susie, Aude and Valma, ex Victoria University colleagues from nearly 20 years back.

Valma and Susie

Aude and me

My Portobello mushroom burger

Susie's work - Epworth Hospital library

Monday, June 09, 2014

Castlemaine Jazz Festival 7-8 June

Off to Castlemaine for another old blokes jazz festival

Jim was playing with 2 bands, the Silver Bells and the Clare Castle Jazz Band. There was no accommodation in Castlemaine so we commuted from Bendigo, which is a much nicer place. There's nothing worth eating in Castlemaine.

The oldest telegraph station in Australia
Naturally we had to see all the historic spots around Castlemaine and Bendigo

On the way to the first gig

Warming up at 'The Comma' pub

The first gig in full flight

Park near the beautiful Cathedral in Bendigo

Bath Lane, Bendigo
Famous for coach building activities now the hipster strip
Sculpture in Bendigo Art Gallery

Arthur Boyd Fridge

Fake grass rotunda

Fibreglass sculpture

View of historic grandstand from the top of the poppet

View of Bendigo from the top of the poppet

Bendigo Gardens

Meeting up with old school friend, Liz S
 It was great to have Liz to help me do the adoring WAG routine. We adored together. The music was too loud for her daughter, however. She fled.

At the New Northern pub

The final gig at the New Northern

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers' Day

Lovely relaxing day to follow yesterday's birthday celebrations.
The day started with a cuppa and my favourite Haighs dark chocolate ginger from Jim. Meredith's flowers had arrived the evening before.
Soon there were more flowers and tasty treats from Hil and Caspie.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Caspie turns four

Three days of celebrating was just enough to mark Caspar's fourth birthday.

Wednesday, 7th
Mummy brought a cake to kinda and Caspie sat in the birthday chair and was sung to.

The mushroom cake

Waiting patiently for the festivities to begin

Caspie in the birthday chair

Putting on the birthday hat

Let's try this cake

Thursday 8th
The actual birthday has arrived!

Romy looks on as Caspie opens his presents

A robot-wrapped present from Arma

I wonder what's inside

It's a piano accordion!

"Lady of Spain, I adore you"

Romy likes the alpaca from Ma B

Tent from Mummy & Daddy

Texting - "Did you know it's my birthday?"

Romy looks on as Caspie spies his second birthday cake

"Think I'll bring it a bit closer"

"Don't cough on the cake, Caspie!"

Saturday 10th - the birthday party
Eddie, the mobile pizza man brought his oven to Hil's garden.

The ukulele cake - brilliant Mummy!

"Let's get the party started!"

A guest arrives

Arpa mans the pizza oven

The cake ... now with added candles

Caspie prepares to blow out the candles ... 

... but Arthur is keen too

The race is on!

The cake is soooo yummy!

Once again, Romy looks on wistfully

Everyone had a great day and went home carbed and sugured up.